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The purpose of the ALC is to provide an alternative setting in which any student may discover academic success when he/she becomes unable to perform in a traditional school situation.

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  Hybrid Parent Survey
The Hybrid Parent Survey can be accessed at:
Posted April 07, 2014

  Hybrid Student Survey
The Hybrid Student Survey can be accessed at:
Posted April 01, 2014

  Crisis Counseling
The Alternative Learning Center would like to make staff/parents/students aware of the following contacts for counseling and crisis services in the area if needed:

HELPLINE (24-hour Crisis Support Line) 570-829-1341

NORTHEAST COUNSELING SERVICES 570-735-7590 (Counseling Services)

COMMUNITY COUNSELING SERVICES 570-552-6000 (Counseling Services)

CHILDREN SERVICE CENTER 570-824-6425 (Counseling Services)
Posted September 28, 2012

  PSSA / Keystone Exams
Keystone Testing will be administered to all Junior students in December and the PSSA in the Spring of 2014 to eligible students.
Posted September 18, 2012

  ALC Schedule
The ALC will be closed on Monday, May 26, 2014, in observance of Memorial Day. There will an early dismissal on May 28, 2014, at 10:55 am for a teacher in-service day.
Posted January 29, 2012

  Beverage Machines
Sodas are no longer offered to students or staff at the school. They have been replaced by Water, G2 Gatorade and Juices to promote a healthier diet.
Posted July 27, 2011

  Locker Policy
All students will be issued a brand new student locker equipped with a combination lock to store any contraband items they may have on their possesion when entering the school. Items such as hats, purses, ipods, cameras, and backpacks are some personal belongings that must be placed into their locker. The locker room area will be locked throughout the day and opened under supervision as needed. Any questions should be directed toward the Dean of Students B.J. Segear at 570-408-8105. Please refer to the Contraband Policy which is listed on our home page.
Posted December 19, 2010

  Fingertip Contact Info
If you have questions regarding your child's LUNCH status call 570-826-8281speak with Ann Etters, for DISCIPLINE call 570-408-8105 to speak with B.J. Seager, for TRANSPORTATION call 570-297-9681 to speak with Kathy Aidingler.
Posted November 20, 2010

  Curriculum Updates
The ALC is currently aligning all their curriculumn with the Pennsylvania State Standards in all subject areas.
Posted August 15, 2009

  Diagnostic Testing
All students will be tested to recognize their different educational levels for achieving success. The Hybrid Learning Model will be administered during the enrollment of the student. The results will yield to the proper scheduling for each child. The documentation will be kept for parental and school review in each child's student file.
Posted August 15, 2009

  Emergency Contact Info
As per Pennsylvania School Code, it is the responsibility of the guardians to provide updated emergency information to their child's school such as telephone numbers and address changes which are needed for communication purposes.
Posted November 20, 2008

  School Improvement
The student lavatories at the school have been renovated to enhance the health and safety of all students. The ALC has also installed multiple cameras throughout the building to primarily gather daily evidence. These devices can not make a school safe, but SAFER! Cameras CAN NOT guarantee safety, nor can they prevent danger.
Posted November 14, 2008

  Transportation News
If a child misses 4 consecutive days of school, it remains the responsibility of the contractor to contact the school or guardian to assist in determining the future status of student's transportation service. It is the ultimate responsibility of the guardian to instruct the ALC of the child's transportation needs. Please call Kathy Aidingler at 287-9681 with any questions or concerns.
Posted February 29, 2008

  Flag Pole Dedication
The Luzerne Intermediate Unit recently dedicated their new flagpole at the ALC to Plains resident Mrs. Margaret "Maggie" Antinovitch. Maggie has resided in Plains her entire life and during those 85 years has been a part of many community service endeavours. She has been donating a flag to the school for the past 5 years in memory of all her classmates that graduated from the former Plains High School and were killed while serving our country.
Posted December 01, 2007

  Snack Bar
A snack bar is now available to students at the ALC during their lunch period. Students will be offered fruit packets, cereal bars, baked chips, water and juices.
Posted November 08, 2007

  Security Wands
All ALC students are required to be searched upon entry into the school to ensure the safety of all students and staff. The implementation of security wands will be used by trained staff to enhance this safety feature. Our Search Policy can be found in our Student Handbook.
Posted August 28, 2007

  School Closings & Delays
The Plains Alternative Learning Center will announce any weather related emergency information via the local television stations in regards to school closings, delays or early dismissals.
Posted December 08, 2006

  Attendance Policy
Students are required to follow the attendance policy of their school district. Twice a month a copy of the child's attendance card is sent to their school's attendance officer for review. Disciplinary action is at the discretion of the child's sending school.
Posted November 10, 2006

  ALC Fast Facts
The ALC opens at 7:00 am and closes at 2:30 pm daily. The school follows the Wilkes-Barre Area School District schedule. The telephone number for the main office is 570-408-8100, fax number is 570-208-9291.
Posted September 12, 2006

  One Call Now System
The ALC will use the One Call Now Communication System to notify guardians of daily student absences and any school related issues that need to be delivered to guardians such as weather related issues and upcoming events.
Posted September 12, 2006

  Cafeteria Concerns
Nutrition Inc. is the contracted provider for the ALC. The lunch menu is posted each week in the Wilkes-Barre newspaper. Guardians can prepay for the meals by writing a check to "Nutrition Inc." Concerns regarding the program should be directed to David Feller at 826-7110 .
Posted September 08, 2006

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